Painting landscapes has always been my passion.  When I choose a scene to paint, I look for a challenge in the shadows and shapes that the trees make in the sunlight.  My large acrylic landscapes are meant to make the viewer feel like they are outside in the warm glow of the sunshine.  I prefer painting scenes that are untouched by man. Like the middle of a forest, or on the edge of a river that you have to find your own path to.  A place of rest created only by God, for your eyes and soul to return to how we began, surrounded only by nature. 

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Sheila M. Holland
My love to draw and color came very early.  I sketched on doodle pads, napkins, scratch pieces of paper and cardboard, basically anything I could find.  Art class was always my favorite subject in school.  My art teachers in high school encouraged me to continue to study art in college.  I was accepted and attended the Virginia Commonwealth University's School of the Arts.  I graduated from there in 1988 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Painting and Printmaking.  Painting has become a part of me. I do not feel complete without it.

I live in the Enon side of Chester, Va. with my husband Jeff and our two sons Justin and Devin.  God has truly blessed my life and given me everything I could ever hope for: a beautiful family, home, and a way to do what I love to do every day, paint.